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You don't have to suffer in silence as a loved one slowly destroys his or her life with an alcohol problem. You can take the first step toward a new life. Call Omaha Drug Treatment Centers at (402)-216-0155 for help finding treatment centers.

Recognizing Alcohol Abuse

If you have just begun to be aware that a family member or a friend may have an addiction to alcohol, don't wait and hope for the problem to solve itself. You might think it is just a phase and that he or she will overcome it alone. However, this is not usually the case. Even if circumstances that led to the initial abuse improve, it won't be easy to stop the alcohol abuse and dependence. Early intervention can save a person's life and let them recognize their problem and recover before they hit rock bottom. It would be best to speak to the person directly before he or she reaches their lowest point and destroys their relationships and finances.

Alcohol Rehab with a Difference

The sooner the treatment for an alcoholic begins, the better the chances of a complete recovery. In most cases, alcohol medication alone is not enough, as the medication can only address the physical side effects. The underlying root cause, which is the person's emotional and mental well-being, has to be treated as well. Our professional team uses an integrated method to help a person with substance abuse problems, and we have had great success.

When just one aspect of the problem is treated, it sets the person up for a high risk of failure. We focus on the whole person and not just the condition.

Get the Encouragement and Support You Need

You may be in a very delicate situation. It is not easy to see someone you care about destroy his or her life. You may need to take the first step because it may save a life.

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