Omaha Family Addiction Treatment

When addiction occurs, it does not affect just the individual. Omaha family addiction treatment centers know that addiction has a profound effect on all in close contact with the addict. Family addiction treatment is a process that looks at the entire family dynamic and the individuals involved, in order to find effective ways to fill each person's needs as a member recovers from addiction. Family addiction treatment is recognized as a critical part of the recovery process.

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How Families Are Affected By Addiction

The family of someone who is addicted experiences ongoing emotional turmoil. The addiction may have been hidden from them for a long period of time, and they may have become manipulated into behaviors that help to enable the addiction. These issues can leave long-lasting scars that must be addressed in family addiction treatment in order to ensure healthier interactions that will ultimately help the addict in recovery. The family may have experienced financial strain trying to help the individual or may have been played against each other by the addict in order to get some members on their side. The family may have become isolated, embarrassed by the addict, and are fearful of being embarrassed or shamed by his or her behavior.

Family Involvement in Addiction Treatment

The family dynamic often becomes highly dysfunctional when a member is addicted. Anger over lying, stealing money, bringing shame on the family and other issues can be a significant impediment to healthy interactions between members. Counseling can address the issues of each person to ensure that they have an opportunity to air their feelings and work through their own emotional pain. They can then begin learning new ways to help the addicted member as they work through the process of recovery. Pre-existing problems that may have contributed to the addiction can then be addressed, and better communications can be fostered to create a more positive environment.

Recognizing that the whole family suffers from addiction, along with the individual, allows treatment to extend to the family system, which is such a critical influence on the life of the patient.

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