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Addiction Treatment

Treatment for addiction is the first step toward recovery for those suffering from alcohol or drug addiction. After the client goes through the detoxification process to lose their dependence on dangerous substances, their mind and body become clear enough to begin rehabilitation. Long-term use can cause mental health issues that can make recovery challenging. Those suffering from addiction must learn a new way to live that does not involve the use of drugs and alcohol. This can be extremely difficult for the client, but we are here to help.

Clients will go through both individual and group therapy so that they can better evaluate their situation in order to help provide them with the proper recovery tools to avoid relapse in the future. Each person is different, and they must get down to the causes and conditions of their addiction so that the person can be aware of potential relapse triggers upon leaving their drug rehab center.

In most cases of relapse, the emotional challenge that comes with beginning a life of sobriety is the leading cause. This happens because the drugs or alcohol were merely a symptom of other underlying issues, and one must learn how to deal with these issues in a new, healthy way once their drug of abuse is taken out of the picture.

What is a Halfway House?

A halfway house, or sober living home, is one of the many beneficial factors that a recovering addict can use upon leaving treatment. These homes are meant for those who wish to have a safe environment when attempting to live clean and sober lives. Many of the addict's old neighborhoods, social circles or living situations were a contributing factor to their drug and alcohol abuse. A halfway house provides a new and safe environment to transition through when returning to a life of sobriety. These homes allow the recovering addict to not only live with the comfort of knowing that drugs and alcohol will not be present in their home, but they will help foster strong relationships with others who are going through the same situation.

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