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The path to recovery can be daunting for someone suffering from alcoholism. Family and friends offer their help, but are so close to the situation that many times what they think is helping the person may actually be delaying treatment. Though addicts need structure in their lives in order to kick a habit, families and friends sometimes try to be too accommodating with the person, hoping giving them some freedom will help. Instead, it keeps the problem going, and that's when an alcohol treatment center needs to be considered.

Alcohol Addiction Treatment

Fortunately, there is alcohol treatment in Omaha NE for those needing help. In the past, many addicts have resisted treatment due to what they perceived to be a "jail-like" setting and feel to most facilities. However, despite having sets of rules to abide by and people watching over them 24/7, some are willing to give a holistic-based facility a try. Many prefer what they perceive to be a natural way to detox, allowing them to feel better while going through withdrawal. Some methods of holistic treatment methods for addicts include acupuncture, massage and physical exercise.

Treatment Programs

Omaha alcohol treatment offers inpatient and outpatient programs. Inpatient programs generally run from 14 to 90 days, depending upon the treatment needed and the severity of the addiction. Outpatient programs usually run six to eight weeks, with patients meeting three times per week with counselors and others in their support system for counseling sessions.

Additional Treatment

Besides treating the substance abuse addiction, the center can help treat any underlying problems that may act as triggers to the addiction. By addressing the needs of the whole person rather than only a few parts, the treatment plans have a much greater chance of success. The physical, mental and spiritual needs of patients are carefully assessed to make each treatment program highly personal and give the patient a feeling of participation in their battle toward recovery.

Recovering and Defeating Alcohol Addiction

Alcoholism can seem like a condition that is absent one day and fully engulfing one's life the next. However, using the personalized treatment approach of relapse centers and empowering the addict to take charge of their treatment program, the disease is one that can be overcome and managed. Even after treatment is finished, alcoholism is a disease that must be defeated each day, one step at a time. By remembering this, those struggling with this can win the battle. To get help with your search now, call Omaha Drug Treatment Centers (402) 216-0155.

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