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It can be painful to witness a loved one struggle with a drug or alcohol addiction. The helpless feeling as they spiral out of control can be heartbreaking. It may seem like they hate their lifestyle one day, but refuse to change the next. They may seem worn down by any effort of recovery and never ask for help.

Interventions by Individuals Trained in Drug Addiction and Counseling

Interventions are lead by individuals trained in drug addiction and counseling. They serve to help the friends and family of addicts persuade their loved ones to get help at a treatment center.

Before committing to an intervention, you need to:

  • Make sure it is done with love and compassion for the addict
  • Call a rehab center in Omaha NE and get information about the process ahead of time
  • Meet with everyone who will be involved in the intervention and make sure you are on the same page

A trained interventionist can meet with you and discuss if it is right for your situation.


What Happens Next?

When addicts first go to rehab, they are typically addicted to a substance. The first process they must go through is detoxification. They need to be safely weaned off the addicted substance before healing can begin.


A rehabilitation center can help ease the challenge of a withdrawal. There are physical consequences of denying the body substances that it is used to getting. This is one of the reasons addicts have such a hard time getting off drugs in the first place. Omaha rehabs have doctors and other medical professionals in place to monitor the addict through this process.


Addiction is something people may struggle with their entire life. Treatment clinics provide encouragement, education and therapy. Many times, drug addiction is the symptom of a greater problem that requires psychological services. In this case, the counselors can assist in diagnosing and treating the cause. They work with the addict to come up with new ways to cope with stress without substance abuse. They can help prevent relapses by getting the addict connected to community support groups such as Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous.


It is often necessary to get support from treatment centers for achieving a sobriety that lasts.

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